5:30 A.M., Morning of 22nd May.

Trrrrnnnnnn….. trnnnnnn……. the fading sound of beacon alarm from my phone disrupted my sweet dreams. 

I caught hold of the phone and slid the snooze button.

Barely had I snoozed…………..

Twing twing….. a finger poked into my arm… Get-up dear, Its time to stick to your resolution.

Me-Ah!!!!  Just five minutes. The school is off today. Girls have their vacations.

He – nothing doing …. Common now….ye you can do it. 

I gathered myself up , tied up my hair, turned on a pleasant face, put on my sneakers and dragged 60 kilos of me to the nearest garden.

I think this is the story in most of the households every morning. Rest few are already there, jogging and walking.

But today what I experienced in the garden was amazing. The moment I stepped in the garden I felt a refreshing wave of scented morning breeze blowing over me like a sweet caress and  songs of cuckoo seemed to be the most melodious music ever heard of. The garden was all colorful with Largerstroemia, amaltas and Gulmohar trees. Greeted and talked to a few people whom I would never have met in my routine. It was alluring to see people of all ages busy in their yogasanas and meditation. Some were loners others were gregarious. But one thing was common, they all were enjoying what they were doing.

Morning walk– The most important advise for our patients is to go for regular light exercise. Nothing is as beneficial as a simple, medium to brisk pace morning walk with which most of the patients have shown commendable compliance.

If a medication existed which had a similar effect to walking, it would be regarded as a “miracle cure”- Liam Donaldson

The health benefits associated with morning walk is no less than “A miracle medicine”, but the only difference is that it comes for free and that is why most of us don’t value it. Had it been available in the market at some exclusive outlet, at an exorbitant price, we all would be running after it.

If I come to enumerate the benefits of morning walk, the list is very long. Morning walk improves our heart and lung function, muscle tone, immunity, skin texture, digestion and motion, sugar levels and cholesterol levels , to name a few. There are many studies which have shown the role of morning walk in fighting as well as preventing cancers. It’s a great tonic for our mental health.

When you are doing your morning walk, let it be “My time”; just you and nature. Let new ideas germinate in your mind, let the worries and tensions wither off and nourish your confidence and determination every morning. Plan out your itinerary for the day. Relive your happy moments. Forget the unpleasant ones. Let the nature touch you as intimately as it can. Let your soul experience the real joy.

This light exercise with a calm mind helps you release endorphins, the good hormone of your body.  As the fresh air goes inside you it helps produce good chemicals, the reactive oxygen species and antioxidants. Both these help our body to fight any negative powers (….read disease) emerging in the body.

We believe all those who read this will make all efforts and start their walks soon. Please do send us your reply. all the best people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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