TIP #6


Cancer therapy, be it surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, all result in extensive trauma even to normal tissue. We need to take care of aggrieved tissues and promote healing and preservation of normal tissues. Proteins are the building blocks of body and an important nutrient necessary for healing. They are also crucial for the immunity of the body. For all these reasons you have to include ample amount of proteins in your diet.

Proteins are slow to digest. A meal rich in proteins results in fullness and early satiety. So take frequent portions of protein rich diet supplementing it with carbs (breads or  rice ), salads or vegetables.


  1. For vegetarians pulses, lentils, sprouts and cottage cheese (paneer) are rich sources of proteins. Other things that can be included are broccoli, mushrooms, milk, French beans and small quantity of nuts.
  2. Non vegetarians should include egg whites, fish, steaks and lean meat in their diet.
  3. Ready to consume protein fortifying powders are available, but they don’t go down well with many patients. They say it results in nausea and fullness.

My suggestion is to have small portions of freshly cooked dishes. Have them frequently.

How to make your meal protein rich-

  • Dice cottage cheese into small pieces, garnish with grated ginger, mint leaves and black salt.
  • Add sprouted legumes and paneer to your sandwiches, salads, soups and parathas.
  • Add soaked chia seeds to your curd and milk shake.
  • Make a porridge of quinoa.
  • Broccoli and mushrooms blend very well with each other. Sauté them and eat as salad or boil to make a soup.

Enjoy…….. savour  the taste….feel your body rejuvenate…..


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