Ms. Jaspreet kaur,a final  year Science student from GGDSD college Chandigarh .A dreamer, believer and achiever .Action-oriented and desire to work towards welfare of humanity,

We think of cancer as a long and difficult journey— but never a battle. How can it be a battle when patient is the actual battleground.

It was all set like any other teenage girl I was all ready to fulfill my dreams and to set up my career.

I was too excited about going to new country and start my new life that I didn’t bothered about those big Lypm nodes which were clearly visible on my neck .. I knew that there’s something wrong with me but my eyes were filled with dreams that they don’t want to see anything negative .

And the day came when I got done with my all visa and university fees and formalities but left with only one that was medical which includes my lungs x ray.

The day I done with x Ray doc imediatly called my parents and said this is something serious so you should check at good hospital .

So my father schedule the immediate appointment for  morning .

That night I was still thinking Nd praying only positive reverts should come out from doctors .

When I visited hospital doctors did immediate biosphere you and other tests . Same day when they were telling my parents the problem I am suffering from I was not able to believe that I kept crying while doctors explaining us about treatment Nd they said they will start that tomorrow itself so they want to do bone marrow tests to check .

After that I asked my doctors what should I do now ? Then while smiling he said eat all junk Nd street food you want to eat because in coming year you can’t eat outside food.

I became silent ,then I look at my parents they were lost my mother crying Nd my father holding back his tear and pretending to be strong .

Then I realise I need to show up strong now as my parents strength rely on me .

Being there younger kid I was always blessed with much love and care .

My siblings in abroad wanted to book there flight tickets to see me .

Then I smiled and said I want you to see me alright so I will nd fine in few months so then you can come we can go for vacations. It was realy hard to stop them but I don’t kno what came into I became damn strong that very day and all I knew was I want to get well soon so that parents can smile .

My parents told couple of close relatives and that very day they came to meet and asked me how will you go through then I said “treatment is neccessary its on me either I continue with smile or I can cry ” so I prefer to smile and go ahead .

The 1st chemo day I was laughing with doctors ( my doctor is real superhero ) after whole day chemo in evening I started vomiting then my doctor said this is one of the side effect of chemo and he prescribed dozen of medicine for each side effect .

After that day all happens same hospital- home – needles – scars and sleepless nights .

Before every chemo it took hour to fine appropriate nerv for chemo sometimes nurse put on foot wrist everywhere it’s possible . Nd my father can’t see this nerves finding sessions .

I suffered sleepless nights because of needle pains and vomitings  .

Whenever my TLCs low down I was like I can’t postpond my treatment I want to get well soon so please do it today Nd increase my steroids intake and I will try to take proper deit after this chemo .

Yeah there were points came during my treatment when I see elderly people suffering from this disease Nd I was only younger one there so I always pull my curtains and start reading my books .

I use to scream at times wanted to question God that why me ?

My friends started asking me why Havnt I didn’t went abroad or in which college m studying here in India .

But I didn’t had courage to face the questions so I shallow down myself and blocked everyone from my life .

After 6 chemos doctor ask me to go through pet ct again so in pet ct reports it showed 70% recovery .

I was left with big and heavy lung lymph node . I was trying to protect my hair by not washing them . It was dipresing and realy demotivating to loose hair at this age when you had knee length hair . But my will power to get well soon  was much stronger than hair . my parents use to ask me you should not feel sad Nd all but my reply use to be always same that is ” m not feeling sad for myself m feeling sad for those poor people who are suffering from SAMe problem but they don’t have enough funds to go though treatment.

And after my last chemo doctors recommended did radiotherapy to be on safer side as my lungs lymps node didn’t melted completly.

So here on my last radiotherapy my siblings came and they stated crying and I was like m perfectly alright right now and I have did and gone through it.

So after month they want me to come along but I said I wanted to study here only in India and I want to serve to society and under privileged people .

So I joined top college in city and with full confidence I started my new life .

And made new friends , I was 2 years ahead age from my classmates so they asked me what I did 2 years so I told them I applied for further studies abroad but due to some personal problems I was not able to make it , but still I didn’t got that courage to tell people that I am cancer survivor whenever anyone ask me about my hair I just tell them I had typhoid so I lost few hair and my hair are genetically thin.

And I started working for unprivileged kids in slum areas and orphanage kids . I teach them about morals and hygine .

Then one day I felt why m lieing to everyone ?

I should speak up so that it can create awareness and save lives .

It took time to build courage to tell that m cancer survivor .

I felt I didn’t did anything wrong so why m ashame of it .

So did it and in an event I gave a speech and tell everyone about my journey .

PRESENT- studying as well as working individually for cancer patients and unprivileged children by promoting education .

I use to be very aggressive .

My journey Made me humble , confident and much more stronger .