IT WAS 24TH FEBRUARY 2013WHEN I FIRST REALIZED that I am suffering from breast cancer. This news shocked everyone in the family .  but some of the calm members of the family took overand the action plan started.

The name CANCER is scary. Family was sad. They wanted me to live and I w also wanted to live for my dear family. Therefore the process like search for right doctor, online study of disease after effects of medicines and so on started by the big family of nearly thirty members. One of my husband’s friend, suggested the name of Dr. Jatin Sarin. We visited him the next day. He explained the whole process and after effects of chemotherapy. he wanted me to start the treatment immediately. Family was sad as no one knew the outcome of the whole process. But I was sure and very positive. My optimistic approach gave them strength too.

First step was to do the whole body scan to see the extent of  spread of the disease. Finally on 28th February, four days later, I went through my first chemotherapy spending four hours in day care.result was vomiting , body ache, hair loss, loss of appetite, severe pain in lower limbs, loss of wight , rashes all over the body and so on.

Family was praying to God at every step and also helping me to move on and face the tyranny of chemotherapy. chemotherapy is a painful process, yet beatable if approached positively. Believe your God , your doctor and family.

Diet was well taken care of by my family. Fresh cooked food, fruits like oranges, strawberries, pomegranate, cherries, kiwi, spinach soup, porridge (daliya), dal soup etc. curd with jeera and  black salt  was my staple diet. Even today when I am fit, I eat only home cooked fresh fruit.

During chemotherapy, my only form of exercise was meditation and little bit of simple yaoga and half an hour sitting on my terrace listening to chirping of birds and feeling warmth of the rising sun. now I contine this and go for morning walk for 2-3 kms and do pranayam.

Believe your god , yourself, your doctor, your family and all these factors together become the backbone to fight the big disease like cancer. I would suggest always stick to one doctor, have faith in  him because he knows your history from day 1and he can suggest you the best options. This is my belief.