Our experience with cancer has taught us that this disease is not a death sentence.My mother’s journey with cancer began in the year 2013. After noticing a lump during a breast self exam my mother went in for a mammography and biopsy and we received the dreadfull results- It was cancer. We were overwhelmed with fear as the disease was so frightening.

The fear of the unknown can be of great challenge when coping with cancer.But we decided to take one day at a time.The first step towards eradicating cancer was mastectomy.The surgical procedure went smoothly and her right breast was removed  though the recovery took time.

But then came the toughest part.My mother had to undergo six rounds of chemotherapy sessions,once every three weeks.The most difficult aspect of this time were the side effects.There were times when she wanted to give up.She lost her hair,had pain in the bones of her arms and legs .Of all the side effects, the pain in the bones was the hardest for her to cope up with.The usual pattern in those five months of chemo were that she would feel fine for a day or two,and then the discomfort would set in.Just as the pain would start to subside after a few days it was time for her to undergo the next chemo session.Her energy levels dipped as her food intake took a plunge due to mouth sores and she would complain that whatever she ate tasted like lead.Ihad to try out different things for her to eat and would coax her to eat little at a time, though at times she would lose her temper if I forced her too much to eat .Fortunately she did not suffer from any nausea and vomitings as she she was given premedication for it before the chemo.She was given multivitamin supplements that  helped with the energy levels.The side effects were addressed both medically and through motivational support at the hospital.Through these ups and downs we were able to continue with my mother’s treatment.Going through cancer treatment requires a lot of strenght from the person undergoing it-physical,emotional and mental.The mindset and attitude of the patient and also of the family members are important to the treatment.

The quality of care she received at the hospital was excellent and my mother could not have asked for a better environment to be in as everyone there became like a second family.Having doctors who listened to our queries patiently and addressed our real needs gave us a sense of strength that helped us see through this challenging time.The doctors were caring and gave us total confidence and we placed our complete trust in them.Extraordinary care exists,everyone’s treatment may be different.But the care and support a cancer patient receives,not just from the family,but also from the doctors is of utmost importance.

Seeing a loved one go through cancer changes you.You learn to appreciate each day a little bit more and are more thankfull for whatever other blessings God bestows upon us.My mother’s faith and willpower helped her be strong and still guides her today.There are times when we know we need to share our story with others and seek opportunity to help others who are going through this tough battle of facing cancer.I hope sharing my mother’s journey with cancer and her complete recovery from it can give hope and strength to people who have been diagnosed with this disease by conveying the messsage that cancer can be faced and conquered successfully.