I vividly remember, it was a bright sunny morning of 2007 when suddenly some clouds came by blocking the bright rays from me. Times had already been going tough for us. We shifted to Surat a couple of years  back in 2001, but at every step God had been putting us through difficult tests. My little daughter was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome when she was just six years old. My husband was busy establishing his new venture in a new city. He used to leave home early and return back late. I expected little help from him at home. Mother in law was frail and weak but offered whatever help  she could. My son , the older of the two siblings was studying in class sixth. Juggling between the household chores and taking care of family members I had forgotten to look after myself until that fateful day when while dressing up I felt a some hardness in my right breast. Fear descended over me. I kept praying the whole  night tossing restlessly in my bed. I woke up early, feeling sluggish and miserable but trying to be my normal self. Within an hour we were in the hospital getting myself investigated. The reports confirmed our unsaid fears. The doctor explained everything to us. The only saving grace at that time was that it was a localized disease. The ensuing one year was the toughest one of my life. I finished my entire treatment in 2008. The standard medical care which we got under Dr. Sarin, his ever encouraging words, infectious smile, warm touch and positive outlook, my faith in Almighty, unflinching support from family and well wishers, all held my hand and pulled me out of this morass. Few things that really helped me during this period were strong determination, positive outlook and spirituality. Every moment I used to tell myself  “God is making you stronger. You have to pass this exam. YOU CAN and YOU WILL WIN.” When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Its been ten years now, reclining here on my sofa, in front of television, watching my favorite soap I feel like giving myself a pat on the back– YOU WON.